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Puduvoyal village serves as a perfect rural setting. The Main Entrance overlooks the lush green vegetation providing a serene atmosphere and clean air for its surroundings. Therefore, being an ideal setting for the Center for Unani Ilaj Bit Tadbeer– Regimental Therapy, A unit of Niamath Science Academy.

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The Center has a spacious Out-Patient Block, where there is procedural registration and intercommunication staff on duty.



The Gazebo stands on four pillars signifying the humoral theory, which is the basis of the Unani System of Medicine. According to this, every person has a distinctive constitution that portrays the healthy state of a person. The color Red stands for Blood, Yellow for Yellow bile, White for Phlegm, and Black for Black bile.

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Patients are treated with the following Ilaj Bit Tadbeer- Regimental Therapy:

  • DALAK- Massage is offered in a warm environment, with herbal oils.

  • MUHAJAM- Cupping is a traditional method of pain reliever. The techniques that are used in Our Centre are Dry Cupping and Wet Cupping.

  • TARIQ- sweating is a natural way of cleansing.

  • HAMAM- Turkish bath is offered to patients.

  • IAMALA- Counter Irritant is when the flow of matter is redirected to the opposite side resulting in the affected part contracting considerably in a natural way. 

  • RIYAZAT- Exercise, with obesity in youth becoming a concern, exercise with proper equipment is essential. The patient is assisted to perform cycling, belly roller, and body vibrator Machine.

  • TALEEQ- leech therapy is done with the use of medicinal leeches. It is considered to be quite popular in treating various diseases.

  • FASAD- venesection, means ‘to open’. it is done by withdrawing the patient’s blood from veins to cure or prevent diseases. 

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The four cottages- Cottage A, Cottage B, Cottage C, and Cottage D serves as the Geriatric block consisting in total of 30 beds.

Cottages A, B, and C have 8 beds in each cottage for female and male in-patients. 

Cottage D - Geriatric Ward is designed with 6 beds into 3 rooms, a living room enabling them to interact. The ward has dining space and a kitchen too. 

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Taleeq - Leech therapy is a method that involves the withdrawal of blood in a considerable quantity from the body with the help of Leeches. It is performed for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

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The Aerial view of the herbal garden adds beauty and elegance along with the chirping birds on the campus, displaying biodiversity.

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